Afternoon Faun is a crochet stuffed animal and cactus collection I created in 2015. I ran every aspect of the business. It relies heavily on e-commerce sales as well as a handful of brick and mortar shops in the Seattle area, Los Angeles, Montreal, and Chicago. From trial and error and experiencing the ups and downs of owning a small business, I completed a brand refresh in 2018 that will better suit the needs of the business and my clients. 

This brand is cohesive, nostalgic, playful, dependable, and timeless. It needed roots as well as the opportunity to encourage imagination in children.

Photographed by Lauren Stelling.

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Afternoon Faun is an American toy company that believes in simple, handcrafted designs that inspire imagination and ingenuity in play and decor while maintaining a high level of durability and environmental consciousness.

We want to take a step back to the traditional toy department we as adults are nostalgic about. Our animals are pure, simple toys — a child can create what they want from there.


yolk in los angeles, ca

edit in langley, wa

seattle art museum in seattle, wa

nordic museum in seattle, wa

little minimalist in montreal, canada

windy knits in longview, wa

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my roles—

branding, illustration, packaging, business development, production

my roles—

branding, illustration, packaging, business development, production

my tools—

crochet hook, illustrator, indesign