Dear Lois is an annual independent magazine for all women, starting as young as 12-years-old. We believe we continue to grow and learn through all stages of life, so why not have a place to pursue and encourage that together.

Each issue invites everyday storytellers, casual life changers, and unassuming heroes to share their stories. In a world filled with comparisons and competition, we wanted to create something different. Here you don’t need to be the best or the first at something to be given a platform to talk. We feature all voices, big and small.

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This is issue #2, 'the home issue'. We decided to focus on the theme of home because whether we feel like we’ve found it, we’ve always had it, or we are still searching for it, we all have our own definition of home.

We learn that home is much more than a physical structure. It’s about comfort and safety, a place where your true self can shine. Houses can come and go, but your home moves with you.

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Inside, we talk about the people who make up a home. The people who make it messy, and the people who tidy it up. We talk about the feeling of home — why some people feel uncomfortable with the home they are given, and how they discover a new home in new places. We talk about how certain memories remain in our brains forever, and how ultimately you have the ability to shape your home and create a place of belonging wherever you go.

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